Lashes & Brows


Before brows and LVL Lashes

After brows and LVL Lashes

LVL Lash Enhance is the UK's Revoluntionary Natural Lash treatment. Created by Nouveau Lashes this treatment has taken the lash industry by storm by adding length, volume and lift. The treatment works by straightening the natural lash at the root giving the effect of longer, lifted lashes. This treatment also includes tinting the lash and can last up to 6-8 weeks.

Tinting helps to 'lengthen' the appearance of the lash as the colour is tinted right to the tip of the lash giving the appearance of a longer eyelash and the effect created is very natural looking. A must for any bride with fair lashes, especially if you are going on honeymoon as your lashes will stay defined for up to 2-4 weeks.

False Lash strips (if for any reason you can't have an LVL lash treatment or tint), strip lashes are an absolute must for most brides. Lashes take your look from pretty to GORGEOUS. They add an undeniably feminine appeal and will really help to open up the eye, add a little more dimension and shape to your eye. I use strip lashes that look very natural and enhance your eyes. For occasion make-up and for a more dramatic look, a thicker fuller lash strip can be applied.


Perfectly shaped eyebrows enhance your features and frame your face. Having your brows defined 'lifts' the look of your eyes and results in a clean, groomed look. Brow shaping will last approximately 2-4 weeks depending on individual growth rate.

I use 2 methods of removing hair:

Tweezing - total control where hairs are removed, therefore a perfect shape can be achieved.

Waxing - helps to remove the 'fair' hairs that are very difficult to see, and give the eye a clean groomed look.

Tinting - helps to define the shape of the brow and give the appearance of fuller, thicker brows.